Cassum Studios derives its name from Latin and means ‘Empty’. The concept of our clothing is that garments are void of emotions in the absence of a wearer. Once worn, it comes alive, becomes functioning and dynamic. Your style is a well orchestrated symphony between the creators and the final wearer. Dressing is a conversation without words and an emotion without being overly reflective.

Every aspect of our lives is the result of choices we've made and clothing is no different. We are a young collective that takes an aware approach to fashion and avoids participation in the overall tendency to overproduce and overmarket. 

Our mission is bringing sense of well-being and completeness consciously through garments. We make versatile pieces in limited editions, our items have a sense of uniqueness about them, incorporating deconstruction and historical garment inspiration, they are brought to modern day by our design team. As we craft these pieces by hand, there's a conscious decision that goes into every pattern and stitch - it's what we call an experience designed for you.

Our firm belief is that a part of a systemic solution to sustainable fashion is a market supply that makes women's wardrobes versatile without quantity, fashionable without short-lasting trends, and fulfills traceability and transparency criteria of its production.